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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

11:06 pm
This LJ is dead.

Saturday, January 31st, 2004

11:36 pm - Fic: Straightening Rainbows, H/H, R
Was to be seeing RotK right now. However, by the time my friends and I got to the front of the queue, the session only had one seat left, so we bummed around town and then gave up completely. Woe.

Thus, I am posting fic. My second this month! (By a whole half hour!) Dear Lord, not since the crazy badfic days of 2002 has that happened, and may it never again.

So, I present...

Straightening Rainbows

Summary: "She seemed intent on proving to him that he wasn't gay, that he liked girls, and that above all else, he liked her." Harry is out to convince Hogwarts that he is gay after giving up on females, but is his newfound sexuality as strong as Hermione's will? Harry Slash Pairings Abound. Blatant Stereotypes. Eventual H/Hr.</b>
Genre: Humour/Romance
Rating: R
Words: 5500
A/N: This is my last HP fic, I think. I'd rather spend my time doing some of my own stuff. This fic is entirely silly, and goes from heavy-handed humour to heavy-handed satire to heavy-handed fluff. You have been warned. Thanks to bobbypin, lissannej (my lunatic wonderful, loved wife) and yasmina for reading through the various stages of writing, and to smilie117 for the beta.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004

11:44 pm - Obligatory Holiday Post
Hawaii was WICKED COOL.

Fuck. I loved it. Especially Honolulu and Waikiki.

The flight was agonising. In my sister's neverending attempt to be a cheap bitch, instead of taking the more expensive, but significantly shorter, flight from Auckland, we had to first fly to Sydney and then to Honolulu. This, as a result, doubled the amount of flight time. Not fun.

We were on Oahu, staying right in Waikiki, for the first half of the trip. It was so fantastic. Seriously, I almost love it as much as I love Melbourne and Melbourne is the most utterly perfect city in the world, but Waikiki came close. It was swarming with people, but it wasn't busy or uncomfortable, just very, very relaxed.

This was also the time of shopping. I was most woeful to find that the ipods were all SOLD OUT :(( What made it worse was that my sister, who did bother to wait until our last day on the island, got one, and I did not. Alas, I mourned by buying ALIAS DVDs, which I shall talk about later, and Profiler DVDs, and Michael Moore DVDs, and Other DVDs, and lots and lots and lots of clothes. Seriously. I didn't go cheap either. Dad gave me ridiculous amounts of money to go away with so I whored out the opportunity and got stuff from gap, abercrombie, calvin klein, guess, and others I don't really give a shit about.

After Oahu, we flew over to Kauai, which, in general, was a blah. Like, it was nice enough, but nothing fantastic, and it certainly did not excite me like Waikiki had.

Anyway, I have PHOTOS. They are generally boring, and the ones of me which I allowed are very twattish and fat looking. But alas.

ETA - OMG. The food in America is horrible and fatty and disgusting. I had also forgotten how *loud* americans w ere. My only complaints!
That is me for now.

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

10:23 am
Okay. I swear this was only supposed to be R. I swear this was suppposed to be shorter than my previous fics. I swear...


Summary: He still remembers the last time, just before the war. When it happens next, it is by chance, in a small city, in a small country in some far thrown corner of the world, far from Hogwarts and Britain and Everything. H/H. Angst. Smut.
Rating: NC17
Words: 3300
A/N: This is for smilie117 and significantowl who were brave enough to beta. They are the rock.

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Saturday, December 13th, 2003

4:01 pm
Stay, by Jacquin aka. me is now up on RS.org, slightly edited so it is not quite so horrid.

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

9:17 pm

Title: Nights, part the first.
Words: 442
Rating: G (!!!)
Description: On the first night, it's a kiss. H/H.

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

11:07 pm
Finding It All

A/N - Smut, written differently to my others because plot usually gets in the way otherwise, but hopefully it is still okay. All mistakes are my own. Please do review, if you've bothered to read.

For angiej because she told me to write this, for bobbypin because she helped me find my muse and for lissannej because I haven't got her a pink plastic engagement ring yet. Smooches to you all.

Finding It All - Harry/Hermione Smut. NC17.Collapse )

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Monday, April 7th, 2003

8:51 pm
Hmm. Ooookay.

So. It now seems that I can log on to Y!M fine, but if I *dare* send an IM (The nerve of me!), then my computer basically explodes. Y!M will present an error, shut itself down. Click on something in IE, that explodes. Open IE again, that explodes, as does MSN Messenger.

In general, it's quite an error explosion fest.

I need to do something about this, but until then, will probably not be on Y!M until this has stopped, so email will be the way to go.

Meanwhile, SO COLD. Go away, Winter, Bring back the summer! SUMMER!

*needs a summer house, really*

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Sunday, March 30th, 2003

8:43 pm
Think I have found the smut muse.

Would a H/H smutlet from Ron's POV be enough to be considered a sinner?


I'm rather bored, really. TV is terrible, Something about Mary is on *again* and I still have an essay to write for school tomorrow.

*pokes the boredom bubble*

I'm feeling rather random. Go me.

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Thursday, March 13th, 2003

2:02 pm - Smut smut smut
It's taken me like a week to write, in between school and homework and life and everything else, but I have actually finished it, and I'm not completely hating it at the moment either, so I'm taking that as a good sign...

Stay - H/H - NC17Collapse )

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Saturday, February 15th, 2003

8:59 pm - Wow.
First of all, let it be on the record that this has been the best fucking day EVER.

Secondly, to all the pumpkin pie folks (I realise I am one such folk) - Well done Guys, We did it!



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12:48 pm
*joins the plugging brigade*


Get moving already.

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Monday, January 20th, 2003

6:25 pm
One year ago today, My evilness spread to the world of Harry Potter fan fiction. That's right, today, one year ago, I delurked on ff.net and posted my first ever fic. To celebrate that, and give you all ample chance to laugh at my lack of writing skill, I now present, the fic with a forgotten title...

If I could remember the title to this, it would be here...Collapse )

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Monday, December 23rd, 2002

12:16 am
Oh My.

I've been looking over the portkey.org Site Rules and well...

This one was particularly interesting...

What is cross generational?
Example would be Percy/Hermione - but not Oliver/Hermione.


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Saturday, December 21st, 2002

5:58 pm
Am going to be off IM for most of the night, but as I was looking for some old photos to post for moi-self, I found these beauts of my car...

and well, I had to share them.

Sexy Beast.


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